Why Streamline?

Easy to use

Excel users are proficient enough to use.

Forecast accuracy

We use innovative forecasting techniques that dramatically improve accuracy and at the same time doesn’t require you to be a statistician to use it. Forecasts are created for each SKU in each location and can be easily fine-tuned on a category level.


Automated inventory replenishment saves your time and helps to focus on other important things.

Rapid Data Processing

About 2,000,000 planning items are processed within a few seconds.


Forecasts can be created by different categories, inventory sizes, different time horizons (weekly, monthly) etc.

Reasonable Price

Sour Software provides value having abilities that much more expensive solutions do not offer.

Value We Bring


Prevents you from frozen capital, lost revenue and margin loss.


Save your time and helps make better decision with one click.


Allows you to forecast and group by different categories, brands, locations, customers etc.

Global Customer ~ Professional Services Locally